I offer workshops based on my own 8 years of experience in the crafting, shaping and painting of cosplay. I will offer advice concerning the tools and materials needed, and where to acquire them. My workshops are always conducted with a strong focus on safety in the handling of the materials and tools. The duration of a workshop will depend upon the desired complexity/”depth” of instruction. I will go through the various stages of:

  • Various Worbla
  • Usage of tools and safety
  • Casting / Molds
  • LED’s and lights
  • Liquid Latex
  • EVA foam

Prices – We can come down to an agreement together regarding the workshop if you contact me at


I hold various panels on topics I have gained knowlegde of through my experience as a cosplayer through the years. A panel or presentation on a certain topic usually takes 30-60 minutes, with time allotted to questions at the end.

I offer to hold such Panels as:

  • Introduction to Cosplay
  • The use of Polymorph
  • Cosplay Business (In making)
  • Smooth Armor
  • All kinds of Worbla
  • Casting / Molds
  • LEDs and Lights

I can also compose a panel to suit your needs.

Prices – We can come down to an agreement together regarding the workshop if you contact me at

Judging Cosplay Competitions:

Through my years of cosplay, I have attained considerable experience as a judge and offer to appear as a judge for a wide variety of cosplay/costume contests.

Prop Comissions:

I accept commissions both on props for sale, and for costumes coupled with personal apperance at events. Feel free to contact me at

Event/Workshop Booking:

I’m available to be booked for a wide variety of events and functions. Please contact me for planning and prices:


I currently have over 400 000 followers on my social media, and I am available for marketing partnerships and commissions.


By working with me you support my art and my continued cosplay, as the funds go toward new materials and tools. You can also become a Patreon of mine here.

Cosplay Workshop Norge