Tine has been cosplaying since 2009 and professionally since 2014. Tine has cosplayed from games/animes like League of Legends, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Princess Mononoke, Super Mario, World of Warcraft, Dota 2, and passion projects from animes and shows like Tokyo Mew Mew, Boku no Hero Academia, Ranma 1/2 and My Little Pony to name a few.

She has been awarded many top 3 placements in Scandinavia and loves to teach/introduce people to the cosplay universe.
She also got to make Miss Icelands national outfit in the Miss World competition in 2019, which got a top three placement in their national outfit category.

She has worked with big names such as Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Telenor, Razer, and Sharkmob for cosplay projects.

In 2021 she launched her creative agency, Tinerific Agency, which consists of 8 cosplayers, 2 manga illustrators and one cosplay photographer.
Tinerific provides cosplay/drawing/photo workshops, panels and appearances across Norway for counties, maker spaces and folk schools (You can study cosplay for a year in Norway). In the future Tinerific hopes to expand outside of Scandinavia to spread/introduce more creativity/cosplay to people.

Other than that Tine has a big love for armor and special effects, and can spend hours on finishing the tiniest details for her projects.
She now is working on her own big workshop to expand her tutorials and spread more creativity to the world.

She’s a lifelong gamer who started out with Mario and Duck Hunt on NES, then moved on to computers with Red Alert and since then have owned most consoles from Nintendo and is personally a huge fan of Zelda, League of Legends and Warcraft. She’s have made lots of friends from the gaming and cosplay community that have turned out to be some of her best friends to this date. “I love meeting new people and  being apart of the awesome gaming/cosplay community that just keeps on growing. I have always loved being creative since I was a little kid, so being able to make my favorite characters come to life is such a wonderful experience.”

Notable Work: Brand Ambassador for Telenor, Miss World (Made Miss Iceland’s costume in 2019),  TV2 GameOn ( A series about gaming and cosplay, Spilldrømmen TV2Play, and multiple guest appearances worldwide.

I also do commissions for movies and other subjects, as well as having panels/classes for schools/events. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for more info!


Guest of honor – Kawaiicon 2013
Guest of honor – Desucon Cosplay & Japan – 2013
Guest of honor – Gamex 2013
Cosplay Guest/Judge – Komplett.se Dreamhack Winter 2013
Guest of honor – Animefest.CZ 2014
Guest of Honor – Desucon 9, 2014
Guest of Honor – Kawaiicon 3 2014
Guest of Honor – GIGACON 2014
Guest of Honor – GEEKCore 2014
Guest of Honor – RIOT Games League of Legends Festival Turkey 2014
Guest of Honor – NärCon Winter 2015
Cosplay Guest/Judge – Komplett.dk Copenhagen Games 2015
Cosplay Guest/Judge – East European Comic Con 2015, Romania.
Cosplay Guest/Judge – Magnificon 2015, Poland.
ESL One Frankfurt  –  Cosplayer for Razer
Cosplay Guest/Judge – Unicon 2015, Latvia
Cosplay Guest – KawaiiCon 4, 2015
Cosplay Guest/Judge – GIGACON 2015
Cosplay Guest – GameGune 2015, Spain
Dreamhack Winter 2015 – Cosplayer for Razer
Invited as a Cosplay Teacher – Holtekilen Folk High 2015 – Norway
Hearthstone Tavern  – Oslo 2016, Norway
Guest and judge – expOtaku Almeria 2016, Spain
Invited Guest – Role Play Convention 2016, Germany
Invited Guest – Armageddon Wellington 2016, New Zealand
Invited Guest – Festa Dell’Unicorno 2016 – Italy.
Invited Judge – KawaiiCon 2016, Norway.
Invited Cosplayer – IFA with Razer 2016, Germany.
Cosplay Workshop – Teknisk Museum 2016, Norway.
Cosplay Workshop/Presentation – National Museum, Norway.
Guest and judge – GIGACON 2016, Norway
Invited as a Cosplay Teacher – Buskerud Folk High 2016 – Norway.
National Museum Oslo 2016 – Kulturnatten
Invited Guest and Judge – SeReManga Murcia – Spain.
Invited as a Cosplay Teacher – Lundheim Folk School 2017 – Norway.
Invited guest and Judge – Northcon  2017 – Norway.
Invited as a Cosplay Teacher – Buskerud Folk High 2017 – Norway.
Brand Ambassador for Telenor Yng 2017
Invited Panelist – YugiCon 2017 – Norway
The Gathering with Telenor 2017 – Norway
Invited guest and judge – Torino Comics 2017 – Italy
Invited guest and judge – Fantasy Basel 2017 – Switzerland
Wonder Woman 2017 Pre-Premiere Cosplay Guest – SF Kino Norway + Wonder Woman Cosplay Commission
KawaiiCon 2017 Invited Panelist & Booth – Norway
Aniventure Comic Con 2017 – Bulgaria
Invited as a Cosplay Teacher at Bjerkely Folk School 2017 – Norway
Invited as a Cosplay Teacher at Buskerud Folk High 2017 – Norway
Invited Judge for Spillexpo 2017 & Telenor Yng Ambassador appearance
Invited to hold a workshop at UKM Åsnes 2018
Invited as a Cosplayer for Tomb Raider 2018 Premiere
Invited Host with Telenor Yng at The Gathering 2018
Invited as a Cosplay Teacher Bjerkely Folk High 2018
Invited as a Cosplay Teacher Buskerud Folk High 2018
Invited to hold a workshop at UKM Rena 2018
Invited as a Cosplay Teacher at Lundheim Folk High 2018 First half
Invited as a Cosplay Guest / Judge at Fantasy Basel 2018, Switzerland
Invited Cosplay Guest / Judge at Dreamhack Summer 2018, Sweden
Invited Cosplay Guest / Judge at Japan Touch 2018, France
Helset  – Transpa Art workshop and Photoshoot 2o18, Norway
Invited as a Cosplayer for The Incredibles 2 Premiere 2018, Norway
Appearance at KawaiiCon 2018, Norway
Skien Youth Club – Gem and LED workshop 2018, Norway
Buskerud Folk High – Worbla Bracer Workshop 2018, Norway
Bjerkely Folk High  – Worbla Bracer Workshop 2018, Norway
Paris Games Week 2018 – Judge –  France
Athenscon 2019 – Main Cosplay Guest- Greece
UKM Flisa 2019 – Workshop
KawaiiCon 2019 – Guest – Norway
Palmesus 2019 – E-sports host
Buskerud Cosplay Week 2019
Bjerkely FHS prop workshop 2019
Miss Iceland commission for Miss World 2019
Lundheim FHS prop workshop 2019
Cosplay Panel/speech at Lundheim FHS 2019
Cosplay panel/speech at Bjerkely FHS 2019
Harley Quinn Movie Premiere – Cosplay Commission 2020
Buskerud FHS Prop workshop 2020
Flisespikkeriet online simple prop workshop 2020
Invited Panelist – Hyperion Sommerstrømmen 2020
Buskerud FHS bracer workshop 2020
Lundheim FHS Prop workshop 2020
Buskerud FHS – Prop Workshop 2021
Iconic Cosplay Contest – Judge 2021
Interaktiv Park Sarpsborg – Invited Panelist/Workshop 2021
PokemonCon Oslo – Invited Judge/Host 2021
Buskerud FHS Bracer workshop 2021
Bjerkely FHS prop workshop 2022
Kawaiicon Porsgrunn – Invited judge 2022
Bloodhunt Launch, Maia commission – Cosplayer 2022
Fantasy Basel Switzerland – Invited guest and judge 2022
Interaktiv Park Sarpsborg – Invited Panelist/Workshop 2022
Down Under Mjøndalen –  Two workshops Fall of 2022
Kulturkammeret Arendal – Prop Workshop 2022
UKM Viken – Bracer workshop fall 2022
Buskerud FHS bracer workshop 2022
World of Warcraft Dragonflight launch – Host with Gamereactor 2022
CosplayExpo Las Vegas – Invited guest and judge 2022
Buskerud FHS Props 2023
Kulturkammeret Arendal – Prop workshop 2023
Down Under Mjøndalen – Prop workshop spring 2023
NF – Super Mario Bros Premiere Norway – Making of Princess Peach with Sophie Riis 2023
Scifi Festival Fredrikstad – Invited guest and judge 2023
Magnificon Krakow Poland – Invited guest and judge 2023
Palmesus Kristiansand – Head of cosplay department 2023
Interaktiv Park Sarpsborg – Invited panelist/workshop 2023
Nova Digital Trondheim – Invited panelist/workshop 2023
Buskerud FHS bracer workshop 2023


Outfit Contest, Desucon 2010 – 4th place
Winner of Spillexpo’s Cosplay Contest 2012 (People’s choice)
Winner of The Gathering’s cosplay award 2013.
Honorable Mention – The Gathering 2014
Winner of Spillexpo’s Cosplay Contest 2013 – 1st place.
Winner of Yaya Han’s personal favorite award – Dreamhack Summer Cosplay Championship 2014
Winner of Blizzard’s Cosplay Category Dreamhack Winter 2014 – 3rd place.
Winner of Dreamhack Cosplay Championship 2015, 3rd place.
Winner of Komplett.se’s Cosplay Contest 2015, 2nd place.
Winner of Best Prop – Komplett.se’s Cosplay Contest 2015. (Valkyrie Leona)
Winner of Spillexpo’s Cosplay Contest – 3rd place.
Winner of Spillexpo’s Cosplay Casual Contest – 3rd Place.


Natt & Dag: November 2014 – Frontpage and interview

TV2: God Morgen Norge

TV2: GameOn – A series about gaming and cosplay

NRK Radio Skolefri – Costume play

Varden Newspaper – Frontpage and interview

Budstikka Newspaper – Interview

Side 3 Yearly Ranking – Awarded with 2nd place in their Yearly Ranking

Varden Newspaper – Frontpage Culture and Interview

The Richest –  Top 20 Rising Cosplay “Stars”

Telenor Yng 2017 – Brand Ambassador

TV2 God Morgen Norge – Guest

NRK Innetid – Cosplay Guest


For partnership inquiries and booking requests please send an email to [email protected]

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