Okay, so I am quite nervous and excited. I have been asked to make Wonder Woman for the Norwegian premiere here in June!

I have always adored Wonder Woman, and being asked to do this is a huge honor. This will actually be my first cosplay from the DC universe. I haven’t even cosplayed from the Marvel universe yet either, I need to get my butt onto that as well~
I have 2 and a half week left, and I think I should manage if my EVA + worbla arrives in time. Bracers are ready for paint + Arm ring + tiara. The base of the sword is also ready. The dragon details might take me a while as there is many small details going on at the guard/handle.
Most worried about the chestplate part. I decided to make it out of EVA, and most of my progress will be up for my Patrons. ;3

Wish me luck guys! Time is cutting it short, so my VLOG’s will be put on hold until then. I plan on vlogging during the premiere day though! Hope you all are excited for that. ;D