So, a lot has happened lately. Last week I was invited to guest a Norwegian breakfast show named “Good Morning Norway” along with two others from the new series GAMEON. They asked me if I could bring my Dryad Soraka, as the cosplay was very interesting to them, which meant that I had to wake up at 02:45 AM to be able to get everything ready. It takes about 4 hours to get my Dryad Soraka on, as I need to line up the pattern on my body, and it then needs around 3 layers of paint. I got around 4 hours of sleep, since I was on a livestream at the TV2 studio the day before, so I was very tired, but it was worth it!
Good Morning Norway greeted us with open arms and everyone was so positive to cosplay, even though it’s very new to the media in Norway. They wanted to know more and more about everything, and even Thomas from a popular late-night talk-show/entertainment show here in Norway, “Senkveld”, had seen me in the Natt&Dag magazine, so he sorta knew what cosplay was. Blomster-Finn(Flower-Finn) from Good Morning Norway was also very positive to cosplay “It’s so great to see something new in everyday life, we need more of this!”. All I could do was stand there and smile, and think about how I made other people smile that day. :’D
I was very nervous before going live, but who wouldn’t be? So I was very happy that I got into a “natural flow” when talking about everything when we went live! It was so great to be able tell people more about cosplay and the community behind it. I unfortunately did not have enough time to go more into detail, as we were very short on time, and all three of us had to fit into what little time we had. Either way, even with the tight shedule, I felt that I managed to convey most of what cosplay is about. When we were done, I was ecstatic! I’d been so nervous, but Good Morning Norway are amazing. Such happy and kind people are hard to find these days.

I also talked about a new concept called  “M Play” that I’m working with, which you can follow here:

Powered by M Play

Around 4 in the morning, just started painting.

No cape no cape!

Soraka selfie!

Thomas approved!


Blomster Finn is happy!

I bless you by the stars for helping me with my hooves!

Get powered by M Play.
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Til next time!