It’s time to talk about Copenhagen Games 2015! This was my second time at a convention in Denmark, so I was VERY excited! A big thanks once again to for inviting me, you guys rock! A huge thanks to Mplay as well for being there and supporting me through the event.

I had heard great things about this con from my cosplay friends. I really love gaming events, I really feel at home there since I grew up with games, and have been gaming since I was like 3 years old.  I was gonna judge along with Nimdra Cosplay and Stickweed Cosplay, two cosplayers I’ve gotten to know quite well lately, and become good friends with!
The first day was very relaxing and chilled out, we got to wander around and take in the event, and then we had a little cosplay panel at the end of the day. I decided to make a bow for my Violet Link like 3-4 days before the convention…so I was sorta stressed before I had to leave, but it worked out! We also got to film some for the komplett video, so I’m excited to see how it turned out!

The second day was more challenging, as I’d decided to wear my Alexstrasza for the second time ever. Knowing how painful it was last time, I was very sceptic as to how this would work out… :’D
This time it wasn’t as painful as I thought, since I’d managed to fix a few things, making it more comforable – though I had to pull my lenses to the side during pre-judging of the cosplay contest to see the contestants! 😀
The Danish cosplayers are so talented; I really noticed that they are very good at sewing – it’s crazy! There were 4 categories: Best Costume, Best Solo Craft, The Doppelganger, and Best prop!
It was really hard, as we wanted to judge them on their performance as well, but I believe we managed to pick out deserving winners, so huge congratulations to them~!

All in all it was very cozy! I got to see my Danish friends again, so many feels. It’s so hard to leave the event cause you make such awesome friends in each country. Treasure the time you get with them! #postcondepression



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Photos by Copenhagen Games, DustyPhotography, Sarah Walker and some page I can’t seen to find right now. ;o;