By popular demand, I have decided to bring ME!ME!ME! aka Meme-Chan/Nana-Chan back to you all!

She was ready back in 2015, and has since then been my most used cosplay! She’s so much fun and I’m truly happy you guys liked my portrayal of her.

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I must say, my make-up has changed some since then, and I like both – kinda? I feel like my new look fits more to overall look of the cosplay.

I also managed to do the dance in the back of a venue. ( Lol) So I tried to record the dance again in a studio last year, but I wasn’t happy with the result, so I’ll have to do it again for you guys! Thank you for waiting all this time! <3

In the meanwhile, enjoy this cosplay showcase blog post featuring my ME!ME!ME!

Big thanks to Danarki, Jellycide and Pugoffka for the photos below!