So a couple of weeks ago I was asked to have a workshop at Buskerud Folkehøgskole with their Creative Gaming class. I was very excited as this was my first real workshop, and it seemed like everyone had fun with it, as well, even though some got sidetracked with their 3DS at times. :’D (I SO wanted to join in, haha)

Being a teacher was very fun, but also very new to me. All of the students were to create one bracer each out of worbla and learn how to cast, make a silicone mold, and add LED’s and wires. So there was a lot of learning packed into to those 3 days!  Everyone managed to make their own bracer, and were eager to learn even more. I get so happy when I get to teach people something and they elaborate what I’ve taught, and make something of their own!  It’s such a good feeling! <3

We had some problems with the silicone though, as it apparently took 12 hours to set/dry instead of 1 hour, which we are used to – since the silicone type we’ve used earlier has gone out production, but we were assured by the sellers that what we got was the same thing (we’ll have to have a little talk with them :D). So Jonas, a nice student there, had to watch over it through the night, and he pretty much saved the gem-casting process. No silicone mold = No gems.  But we managed! Kudos to you, Jonas!

I also recommend using resin, not polyester (In Norway), when it comes to gem casting. Resin is more expensive, but you are guaranteed that it will be clear and smooth; unlike polyester which has a life of its own sometimes. Especially the one we have here in Norway, from Biltema. :’D

The students went through these steps:

Powerpoint presentation on how to make the cosplay fit you and where to start.
Making a mold/model for the gem they wanted in their bracer, out of clay.
Adding Acrylic Spray onto the clay gems after they had been sanded and dried.
Making a bracer out of worbla with their own details with tips from my own experience.
Making a silicone mold.
Resin mixing.
Adding LED’s and wires.

All of this in 3 days on 16 students. I am SO proud of them all for managing to make something awesome! I can assure you, my first bracers/worbla pieces were not as good as these xD

Happy teacher!

Bilde: Buskerud Folkehøyskole

Some of the results, not all of them were finished though~

Photo: Nlaea Somby

Photo: Nlaea Somby

Miss these guys so much!

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