Hello lovelies!


I had the honor of being on the cover of Cohaku’s latest issue! When they asked me earlier this Summer, I was a little confused, but also very honored. I had heard only good things about this magazine, so it was a little surreal to me – they even wanted to print an interview with me. The magazine itself is a wonderful resource for the cosplay community, filled with cosplay goodies such as tutorials and relevant news and discussions!

They wanted my Wonder Woman for the cover, which was really flattering. It has been a Summer filled with Wonder Woman for me, and I loved every single second of it. I had been wanting to cosplay her for years now, and I finally got the chance to.

I sent them various photos, and they ended up going with an “Into Battle” look. I usually cosplay characters that tend to always be cute, so this was a real challenge for me. My only experience with the “non-cute” characters is through my Sivir cosplay, that I made back in 2016. So because these kinds of poses aren’t my forte, it made me very happy that they decided to go with one of the more “aggressive” shots from the photoshoot.

The issue is so far only in German, but they are also working on translating their issues into English, which is super awesome!
I will be sure to blog again when my issue has been translated into English to keep you guys up to date!

A big thanks to Cohaku for considering me! I truly appriciate it!

You can get your issue HERE!