I have two projects going on at the moment. I first decided to start on Arcade Miss Fortune as I was unsure of which character I wanted to do as a main project for the first half of 2015.  Arcade Miss Fortune is about 40% completed already, but for now I have to focus on my main project, Valkyrie Leona.

Valkyrie Leona is gonna be my biggest project so far. I have never made a sword, shield, or a helmet. But I always like a challenge! :3
The base of the sword is made out of double layer EVA foam, which will give me the thickness I need. I plan to cover it in worbla after and do all the details.  The shield’s core will be made out of Styrofoam and then covered in worbla as well. I will keep on  posting progress pictures so you all can see!
Other than that, all of the armor will be made out of worbla. I also plan to use friendly plastic for some parts. I am going to cast the two gems she has, and make them glow. The feathers will be made out of crafting foam as I think it will look better than real feathers. Just have to paint them very carefully.

(I also plan to make a awesome effect on the shield, stay tuned for that! ;D )

mf boots
I will keep you all posted!  <3