As cosplayers we own countless different types of wigs, and removing them after a day at a convention is the best feeling ever. It’s hot, sweaty and itchy, so it’s no wonder it gives us that feeling of euphoria when taking it off.

I got some hair extentions from Luxushair for those of my future cosplay projects where I can include my real hair.

I’d already planned out Tohru Honda from the anime Fruits Basket and was very excited that I got to use my own hair + extentions for this project. The anime will be remade in 2019 and we will finally get the full story!
Honestly, I was very surprised with how good quality the extentions was. I owned some extensions from another brand several years ago, but Luxushair stepped the game up!
When you think about it, your scalp doesn’t really get to breathe when you wear a cosplay with a wig, so it’s nice to combine characters with your own hair sometimes. I would even wear these daily, when out of cosplay, as they make me feel extra pretty <3

The color I’m using is nr 7, but they have more colors to chose from; you can find them all HERE! 

As you can see the extentions are very thick, which is exactly what I wanted. The ones I’ve used earlier felt much thinner and lighter.

Here are a few things to be aware of when using extentions:

* Use a hair brush with natural bristles

* Always brush it from the tips and towards the top

* Let the extentions air dry before brushing them

* Wash the extensions with shampoo, a hair mask and conditioner before using them, this way they will blend better with your own hair.

* Don’t wash them too often and use a good shampoo and conditioner.

Total conclusion:

I am very happy with the product and they deliver some very good quality. I will for sure use this whenever I can for future projects, but also when I wanna feel extra pretty.

Thank you for taking an interest in cosplay, Luxushair, and keep on delivering the amazing quality that you provide! <3