I have finally managed to sit down and write this after some days of rest~

I told you all I would be more active on my blog, and that will continue! ^3^

This year I had the honor of guesting expOtaku Almeria in Spain! My heart always drops when I get invited to events, my mind is like “What? Really? They want me there? ;o;”, then I shed some tears of joy. This was my first time in Spain, since I was unable to go last year as I got sick. But WOOOW, Spain is super beautiful! It is so different from Norway, so I was filming everything like a crazy tourist! :’D
The first day we got to explore Almeria a little, we went to the beach and ended up eating a lot of the most amazing ice cream ever! So goooood! So the first day was pretty much a day of relaxing. I went to bed at 7 PM, as I hadn’t gotten any sleep the day before. I woke up at 7 AM the next day, fully rested and full of energy!

The first day of expOtaku I wore my Sawako Kuronuma cosplay from Kimi ni Todoke for the first time at a event! The cosplay itself has got to be the most comfy one I’ve got, and I think this is my only cosplay with flat shoes. :’D
The first day went by peacefully. I knew the next day the convention would get more busy as that was the day of the Cosplay contest. In the meantime I got to sell some prints and I also had a little mini shoot with Verry Oakenass ( My lovely Vero! <3 )
My co-judges/guests were Verry Oakenass, Aruba Chan Cosplays, and Furano Cosplay. All cosplayers from the lovely town of Almeria. <3

The second day was more busy than day one, as I suspected. I hung out in the booth to chat with people and sell prints, and then it was time for the pre-judging and the contest itself!
Holy crap, there were so many amazing entries! The Spanish cosplayers are super creative with different materials. They also put on an amazing show on stage!
The 1st place winner went to Irene Aku Marin for her White Queen cosplay from Alice in Wonderland. The dress was stunningly made and her performance was on point!
After the event was completed for the day we went out to eat and relax some with out group. Super cozy!

The third day was a very peaceful day. I wore my Arcade Miss Fortune and managed to interact more with people this day~ I truly enjoy sitting in a booth and talking to people. It makes me super happy when people want to talk to me about different stuff~ Although many people had trouble speaking English they somehow managed to understand what I meant from time to time, yay! <3
After 3-4 hours I went to get changed and we hung out a little before the event ended. As I walked from the event to the hotel I felt so saaaaad. I met so many awesome people during this event, and I hope I will be able to meet some of them again soon! <3

All in all, expOtaku was a wonderful experience for me, and I truly recommend it! I hope that I someday will be able to return to Almeria and expOtaku. I love you guys! <3

You can watch my VLOG HERE!  <——————————-


940928_975310969171021_8760991186359046381_nWinner of the Cosplay contest! Photo by Kharen Hardcore.
11255256_1770074076553826_3014945675968686047_oThe winners! From left: Assassins Creed – Honorable Mention. 3rd place Trinity Blood, 2nd place Fable, 1st place White Queen.
Photo by Kharen Hardcore.
12525098_1770073929887174_2683553240483938893_oLovely people! <3 Photo by Kharen Hardcore

886933_1770073963220504_403914829385659298_oPhoto by Kharen Hardcore.
12779281_1770694629825104_1501270876585410834_o(2)Photo by Kharen Hardcore.
12525632_1770076049886962_2759373686443006902_oPhoto by Kharen Hardcore.