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Character: San / Princess Mononoke
Movie: Princess Mononoke

One of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies! I am in love with both the art and the story behind it.
San really inspires me, and I wanted to give her a more “natural” look and not too much eye-make up. She does live out in the forest with her wolves, you know?
The mask was the thing that took the longest to make. All made from EVA foam, worbla and then hand painted. I would stay this month in total took me around 2 weeks as I worked extra hard on the mask. Hope you all like the results!

Character: French Maid Nidalee
Game: League of Legends

Nidalee being one of my main League of Legends characters I just had to make another cosplay of hers. The Maid one has always stood out to me as I really thought this look was a very classy maid with a giant spear, which made me giggle. This took longer to make than expected, but in the end, all of those ruffles were worth it!

Character: Sayori
Game: Doki Doki Literature Club

Sayori is one of my favorite characters from this game next to Monika. I have always been a pretty upbeat person and I just want people to be happy. It was quite easy to do some of her poses as they come quite natural to me in real life as well.
Let’s give this girl some more love which she deserves!

Character: Harley Quinn
Movie: Birds of Prey

I got the honor to portray Harley Quinn for the premiere of Birds of Prey 2020!
The jacket took 50 hours alone, and every confetti is sewn on piece by piece.
I also have a tutorial on the hammer for you all to see on my English blog.

Character: Black Cat
Franchise: Marvel Universe

I love Felicia Hardy ( Black Cat ) from marvels Spider-man comics and animated shows. She is the intelligent anti-hero who always has the best interactions with Spider-man and other characters in the universe. I hope that with with the recent success of the Spider-man movies we get to see her on the big screen soon.

Character: Camie ( Christmas )
Anime: Boku no hero Academia

I love adding a festive spin on some of the favourite cosplays, and what better combo than Camie and Christmas. I had a lot of fun shooting Christmas Camie and try to spot the hidden kitty in one of the images.

Character: K/DA Kai’Sa
Game: League of Legends
Photographer: Ookami Cosplay Photography

Was hired for Riot Games K/DA project to represent/cosplay the character K/DA Kai’Sa from thegame League of Legends. The full video of the project can be found HERE! 

Character: Marie Rose
Game: Dead or Alive

Marie Rose is my favourite character from the Dead or Alive franchise and I had a tremendous amount of fun bringing her to life.

Character: Sailor Pluto
Anime: Sailor Moon

I grew up watching Sailor Moon and it was one of my favourites anime growing up. One day, I am definitely interested in cosplaying all the girls from the Sailor Moon series. Hope you guys like it, it was definitely a lot of fun making.

Character: Rachel Amber
Game: Life is Strange

I absolutely adore the life is strange franchise and I own practically all the game, the choice I make feels so real and it’s easy for me to feel drawn into the world. I loved Raichel in the story and wanted to cosplay her for a long time. So happy with the way the cosplay came together.

Character: Sawako Kuronuma
Anime: Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi no Todoke is one of my all-time favourite anime and Sawako chan was so adorable. I enjoyed the process of making her cosplay a lot and loved how it turned out in the end.

Character: Memechan
Franchise: ME!ME!ME!


Character: Camie
Anime: Boku no hero Academia
Photographer: Songivra Nay – Ookami Cosplay Photography

One of the recent animes I have been obsessed with. Camie really spoke to me when I saw her in the latest season and decided to go with her. First time wearing a full body suit and I felt somewhat too shy in the start, but slowly got used to it!
The minor pieces are made out of EVA foam and the suit was altered.

Character: Tsuyu
Anime: Boku no hero Academia

As you know I have been obsessed with Boku no Hero Academia and I adore Tsuyu. She is so adorable and I wanted to cosplay as her for a long time as well. Although Tsuyu may look fairly simplistic the hair was a little difficult, I had to sit and craft the bow entirely from scratch. Overall I am super happy with how things turned out.

Character: Alextraza
Game: World of Warcraft

If you guys are not aware, I am a huge World of Warcraft fan and spent many hours traversing the lands of Azaroth. Recently I was able to get my favourite mount, the Astral cloud serpent.

That being said, no 1 dragon waifu is Alextraza. I had a whole lot of fun bringing to life the dragon queen herself. Furthermore, I was able to take her to Blizzcon a couple of years ago. Hopefully, you guys like what I have made and I look forward to making more World of Warcraft cosplays in the future.

Character: Fluttershy
Game: My Little Pony

I absolutely adore Fluttershy’s personality and her overall aesthetic, so happy with how things came out.

Character: Serinuma Kae
Anime: Kiss him, not me!

Kae chan was the best. She was positively adorable, and her interaction with the boys was always fun to watch. So it was no question that I would cosplay her at some point, and here we are.

Character: Caitlyn
Game: League of Legends

I had a lot of fun bringing to life my dream bot lane combo with my friend Shappi. Caitlyn’s cosplay was fun to make and the gun was something new at the time. Looking back I am really happy with how it turned out, I hope you guys like it too.

Character: Miss Fortune
Game: League of Legends

This cosplay of Miss Fortune was made using the old splash art for Miss Fortune and for any who forgot or don’t know its a worthwhile search. This cosplay brings back a lot of memories, especially of good times of creating cosplay back when I was relatively new to the hobby.

Character: Kitty Cat Katarina
Game: League of Legends

I love this rendition of the killer assassin from Noxus, especially the red hair and the white fur. Always thought this was a nice skin and was on my list of cosplays to do for a long time.

Character: Cottontail Teemo
Game: League of Legends

Cottontail Tiny reporting for duty. It was a lot of fun cosplaying as our favourite little furball, even though it was a little chilly outside.

Character: Valkyrie Leone
Game: League of Legends

This is by far one of the cosplays that I am extremely proud of, and yes the sword is almost as tall as I am. I had an extraordinary time constructing the cosplay, especially the shield. I built in a mechanical trigger to open up the shield as it doses in the game. This cosplay got me top 3 at Dreamhack summer 2015 and I love it to bits.

Character: Snow Bunny Nidalee
Game: League of Legends

Nidalee is on my top 3 most favourite characters from League of Legends and I love to play her on the rift or Aram. Nidalee was so much fun to work on that I recently started working on another cosplay from here skin line.

Character: Sivir
Game: League of Legends

Don’t know if you can tell but I like to play League of Legends, and another favourite champion of mine is Sivir. Sivir was a lot of fun to cosplay and I making the weapon was a blast. I might make more Sivir cosplays in the future depending on what Riot decides to release.

Character: Shampoo
Anime: Ranma 1/2

Another anime from my childhood that I absolutely adore, I loved watching all the fun interactions she has with the other characters. The cosplay may seem simplistic but the wig was definitely a challenge, and the dress had to be made from scratch. Overall I am really happy with how things turned.

Character: Dokuro-Chan
Anime: Club to Death Angel, Dokuro-Chan
Photographer: Katrix Media

One of the anime from way back in my teens that made me laugh so much. I remember if I had a bad day I simply turned on this anime and my day instantly got better. It is plain hilarious so how could I not want to cosplay Dokuro-Chan after all these years? My favorite thing to make was the Excalibur. Base is a plastic bat with EVA foam rolled around covered in black worbla with foam clay spikes.

Character: Miss Fortune ( Candy Cane )
Game: League of Legends

Not sure if you can tell, I love Miss Fortune. Christmas is one of my favourite holidays and the festive Candy Cane Miss Fortune was a fun project for the season. Hope you love it too.

Character: Elastigirl
Movie: The Incredibles 2
Photographer: Katrix Media

Ever since 2004 when The Incredibles first hit the big screen I have had a big love for Elastigirl. A kickass lady and a kickass Mom on top of it. Even back then I had so much respect for her and in 2018 I could finally cosplay her! The Bodysuit was quite a pain to make as it is combined with 2 different fabrics to get the right look. (4 way stretch and 2 way stretch mesh) I had so much fun being her and a shout out to NF Kino for hiring me for the Norwegian premiere!

Character: Dryad Soraka
Game: League of Legends
Photographers: –

Although this ranks up there in my most uncomfortable cosplays, I can say that it was worth it. I enjoy playing Soraka, and it was a nice challenge to make here in all her celestial glory.

Character: Princess Zelda
Game: Ocarina of Time
Photographer’s: Sofia Whilhemina Photography, Steeve Li Photography and Ookami Cosplay Photography

I played the original game back in 1998, and have  since then wanted to bring Princess Zelda to life. 20 years later, the dream finally came true. This was my first gown that I ever made and I truly learned a lot from it!

Character: Retasu Midorikawa
Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew

Many years ago I made the Maid version of Retasu. 4 years later the school version of her is done!
I still get so many feels from cosplaying her. Tokyo Mew Mew was actually the anime that made me get into cosplay, so how could I not keep cosplaying from this adorable anime? Always a fun process!

Character: Lara Croft
Game/Movie: Tomb Raider 2018
Photographer: Cosplay Studios Norway

I started playing Tomb Raider in the 90s, and have since then been a big fan of Lara Croft. I was hired by SF to make this for the 2018 premiere here in Norway, which was a dream come true! Thank you guys so much for wanting me for your premiere!
You can find the Pick Axe Tutorial here on my page! I also have more progress on my Patreon.

Character: Persian Gijinka
Photographer: Ookami Cosplay Photography

One of my coldest photoshoots next to my Nidalee. I thought a winter shoot would fit my Persian cosplay perfectly. I commissioned Sunset Dragon to draw a design for me, which blew me away! I love to make detailed armor and found the perfect faux fur in Los Angeles to make the tail and ears.

Character: Paya
Zelda, Breath of the Wild

I made Paya, because she was one of the cutest side characters of the Zelda universe. My little sister helped and guided me through the fabric part which I learned a lot from. I made a Paya wig tutorial as well for my Patreon. All of the “leather” were also fun to make along with doing her make-up as it is quite unique and true to the Sheikah.

Character: Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 2017
Photographer: Ookami Cosplay Photography

One of my favorite strong female heroes! I was super excited that Wonder Woman was coming to the big screens around the world. SF contacted me, and I was blown away that they wanted me to tackle her. There was not many reference pictures back then, but I did my best to portray her as best as I could! I plan to make a new version in 2019!

Character: Crystal Maiden
Dota 2
Photographer: Pugoffka

My favorite hero from the Dota franchise! Decided to go for the original Crystal Maiden skin as I completed her in 2 days due to ESL! So I am quite happy with what I managed to do with some help from my sisters on the fabric parts as I was working on everything else. This has already been redone once after it and it really paid in my opinion! Got to create some magic with Pugoffka in these photos~