The other day I finally got to have my long-time dream photoshoot with my sister Sophie.
We’ve both been huge fans of the The Legend of Zelda franchise ever since the 90s. I remember playing Ocarina of Time when it came out, and wanting to be Zelda. I managed to make it happen 20 years later, in 2018 which was literally a dream come true!
This year, we finally made this couple shoot happen. We even waded into the river and got our cosplays wet for some really good special photos.
The location we went to is called Bærums Verk, and it has this beautiful waterfall. We decided to shoot at the top of the waterfall to get even more epic photos.

PS: Do NOT try this alone. We had a team with us making sure we were okay, as the current can get really strong after heavy rain.

The water was about 20 C, so not too bad! It was kinda refreshing, and we suddenly had a group of spectators watching us during the shoot, as this was a public spot. Some even asked if we were recording for a movie, Lol. (I wish!)

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos, and some results from the shooting. Yes, I am a LinkxZelda supporter!

Also, taking shipping photos like this with your little sister resulted in a lot of laughs by the way! My mind was like “It’s Link and Zelda!! IT’S LINK AND ZELDA!” but we couldn’t stop laughing. Such derps.

The Results!
Photos by Sophie Riis and Mathilde Sommer