Been a lil while! You guys staying safe and sound at home? I’m here to occupy your mind with a lil blog post about my TV appearance last week.

NRK has a new show named “Innetid” (Inside time), on which they discuss many different topics. I was called the day before the show was shot, and asked if I would be interested in coming on and talking about cosplay. I always love spreading the word about the joyful world of cosplay to everyone and anyone, so I was very happy to be asked since I have been cosplaying for 11 years now. (Woah….been a long time OwO)

After I was called, I started to pack some cosplay props since I wanted the hosts to feel and hold some of them. I’ve noticed that when people actually get to try cosplay or just hold props, they get a more feeling of what it is, and they get to see something home-made up close.
We agreed that Zelda would be a great pick for the show as the Zelda franchise has been around since the 1980s, and many people can relate to the game.
There was basically a lot of preparation the day before.

The next day:

Knowing how wrinkly and uncomfy it is to sit in a car with cosplay on, I decided to change at the studio. I did all of my makeup at home before heading out into Oslo.
They were kind enough to provide a changing room for me where I could get changed and relax some before going live.

Note: Due to the circumstances we are all under, the props were washed with sanitizer before others could touch them. We also had a 2-meter distance rule when it came to everyone at the NRK studio.

I’ve got to admit, no matter how many times I do interviews and whatnot, I always tend to get a bit nervous/excited. Just knowing that I get to spread the word about something I love this much and showing the creativity and the world of cosplay is truly enjoyable.

The hosts and everyone on set, in general, seemed very interested in the world of cosplay and how you make things yourself. I told them the community is open for anyone who is interested. You don’t necessarily have to cosplay to be allowed into cons, just if you are interested in cosplay or just want to take a look at what it is that’s more than enough!
You can either buy or make your cosplay, that is totally up to you.
The main thing I wanted to talk about was the community. How welcoming and great it is. People help each other with tutorials, fabrics, anything cosplay related, and many find some of their best friends in the community as well.
I also told them that cosplay has helped me to become less shy and more outgoing and confident, which seemed to shock them a little. They said that I do not seem shy what so ever, which made me giggle a bit – so I said I have the cosplay world to thank for that. I mainly cosplay my favourite characters and hope to transfer some of their awesome traits onto myself.
I also noticed that once the hosts tried to hold the props they sorta got a new attitude. They looked more confident and said they felt badass. All I could say was “You see what I mean right?! It’s a great feeling!”

The further we got into the interview the more relaxed I got. The hosts were very easy to talk to and they had some knowledge of the cosplay world and gaming in general. So hats off to them and the NRK team who thought cosplay was epic!

After the interview, I felt a happy feeling going through my body. Thoughts such as “Hope I inspired someone to cosplay!” ” I wonder what people thought about it” went through my head over and over. But the feedback from everyone was only positive, which is all I could ask for!

Thank you NRK for having me! Hope we get to do more cosplay related stuff in the future!