Hello everyone!

I got a fun blog post for you all today! Noblechairs was kind enough to gift me this awesome chair, which I have tried out for a while now, and I thought I would give my final thoughts on it and share them with you all!

As I mentioned in the video, not only was the chair easy to put together, but as I was putting it together I could already tell the quality of the parts is very high. If you do put together a chair, BE CAREFUL when you pull the lever for adjusting the back of the chair before you’ve fastened the back to it, because it slams forward with great force!

Aside from that, very easy to put together. It feels very luxurious, and the support pillows are also very soft. These can also be detached if you do not want them on.
The mix of PU leather and suede is a combo I didn’t know I needed in my life until now. Noblechairs also offer a cleaning kit if you wanna keep your chair squeaky clean – which comes in especially handy if you have a white one like I do. 😀
The general design and look of the chair is very appealing.
The chair can be adjusted height wise, and the arm rests can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

It’s very important to have good back support, especially if you are in front of the computer all day. I sit through the most of my days, creating cosplay, playing games, streaming, or just running my business in general. So investing in a good chair is a must if you spend countless hours in front of the screen everyday. Your back will definitly thank you now, and later in life. You basically invest in your health.

Not to mention, you feel like a King/Queen when you sit on it. I seriously felt like a boss when I sat on it the first time.

Again, thank you Noblechairs for sending me this! It exceeded my expectations!
If you’re interested in more info about their chairs be sure to check out their homepage: Noblechairs