I am back home from Stockholm, and started working on my Arcade Miss Fortune again!

LCS Stockholm was amazing! It was such an honor being invited by Riot Games. They are always such a pleasure to work with! I was lucky enough that I could stay with my Swedish friend, Laura Craft, during this event! I always miss my Swedish friends, they’re just amazing!

Riot teamed up Laura Craft ( Karma & Ziggs), Amenoo Cosplay ( Lux and Annie), Ciwiel (Miss Fortune), Illeda art and Cosplay (Zed) and myself to guest during the event.  Most of us knew each other from before, but it was also nice making new friends! Like Illeda, I’d only spoken to her once before. O:

Day 1:

I arrived one day before the event so I could settle down and wake up well rested. We got to the event around 12:00 during lunch time and got our cosplays on. Riot had put up their own “Cosplay Hospitality” spot where cosplayers could get dressed and got some snacks/water. Erin ( Riot Yuka) took good care of us along with two other Rioters, you girls did an amazing job! <3
After we all got dressed, we headed out to the event to meet the awesome LoL fans. We had our own podiums where cosplayers could meet up and pose for the fans. I brought my Caitlyn for both days as Leona would’ve been pretty hard to bring:’D
It was super fun talking to the LoL fans again, discussing champions, gameplay and all things League related. All of the visitors had their own tag on the shirt where they would write what their main was – which was pretty cool!
After we were done taking photos outside we went inside to watch the LCS matches – all the plays! Congrats to H2K for winning 3rd place during the first day!

Day 2:

Day two was pretty much like day 1, only that there was a lot more people, since it was Sunday (and of course also because it was the Finals!). We went outside and met some other Cosplayers who’d come to the event too, which was super awesome! I love when people get together through cosplaying. I’ve met some of my best friend to this date through cosplaying!
After we were done taking pictures with the LoL fans outside, we went in for the exciting Finals between Fnatic and Origen! The matches were so intense, especially when the score was 2-2! In the end, Fnatic beat Origen, and are going on to Worlds! Congrats once again to Fnatic!

1. Fnatic
2. Origen
3. H2K

All in all, I had a wonderful experience. I made some awesome memories with everyone and I truly wish for this to happen soon again. I’ve been playing LoL for 5 years now, and I still enjoy the game. It has also been fun seeing how much it has developed and evolved from when they first started, and I bet this is only the beginning!

Thank you Riot Games! <3






11951924_1611333479131858_5741039537175387835_nPhoto by Mikael Hakali Photography
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