Hello again!

I’ve gotten many questions about what I’m doing during these times. I understand that many of you are bored and wonder what to do to make time pass faster.

Pretty much everything has been cancelled for me so I’ve actually had to think about new ways to share my content and focus on doing more online content and streaming.
I want to preface this by clarifying that not everyone has the ability – be it physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise – to spend time trying something new during this quarantine situation, and that is completely fine. Your own wellbeing should always be prioritized.

I’m the type that gets really restless, so this is what I’m doing to pass time:

Get creative:
Try out new creative stuff! If there are certain creative outlets you’ve been interested in, but haven’t experimented with yet, now might be the best time try, right? Creativity connects people!
I have a few guides here on my homepage, as well as on my Patreon for those who are interested!

I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes lately. Cooking is my big passion, next to cosplay, and I always love to discover new flavours. It’s also fun to look up new things to try online.

Social media:
Try to find new people to follow! It’s important to disconnect a lil’ from the harsh news, and finding something new and fun to follow on social media.

(Throwing in a picture of my cat Amoni cause distracting yourself with cats on social media is good too!)

Stay connected:
Maybe there are some friends/family you haven’t written to in a while? Why not get more connected and play some games together online? Or just virtually hang out in general, catch up and have a chill time!

Game ON:
Go inside, and play some video games! As a gamer myself, I tend to drown a bit too much into League of Legends and World of Warcraft. I find it even more fun to play with friends and it’s a good way to pass time….where did the time go again? It also seems I’m not the only one who’s tried out Animal Crossing…

Do I really need to describe this one? XD

Make videos:
I’ve been fairly interested in making videos, but due to editing taking a long time I sorta have always focused on making cosplays. But there is so much you can do creatively with videos these days!

I know that streaming might not be for everyone, I just got my stream up and running myself. But I find it very social and I had such a good time! Maybe find a new stream to watch and hang out with the chat.

Remember to #staysafe and to wash your hands, and try to stay inside as much as possible. Together we can beat this, and together we are strong! I know there are difficult times, but we have each other, and all the happy vibes!

What are you guys up to during lockdown?