Long time no see!

I am back with a “BAM!”, and something exciting I’ve been wanting to announce for almost 2 months now.
I was asked by Miss Iceland to make her costume for the Miss World Contest 2019!

I remember when she sent me a PM I was kinda confused and honored. I was thinking like “Eh? You want me? You sure?!”
After talking back and forth, we agreed that we wanted to go with a mix of Viking x Valkyrie x Wonder Woman – which I hope came through. After hours of researching and learning more about Norse mythology, I started to gather old symbols which I am already familiar with, being Norwegian. I wanted to include 2 symbols specifically.
Which are these two:

The Triqueria and the Valknut.

I am no drawer, but I drew a quick concept idea for her after we’d researched. I thought it would be fun to do a different symmetry on both the legs, bracers and shoulders.

I had about one month to make this on top of workshops and events. So I am happy with what I was able to produce in such a short amount of time!
I used EVA foam, Worbla, Resin, wool fabric for the cape, fake leather and fake fur for the costume.
On top of it all, she also got to borrow my sword.

Full WIP folder and material list is up for my Patreons, link HERE!

WIP look:

It was quite the honor to be able to do this, GO ICELAND! <3

Look at this amazing woman! She did so well and I love her attitude on stage!