Long time no see, everyone!

I am out with my newest cosplay, Shampoo from Ranma!

Originally I have been interested in cosplaying Shampoo for sometime, but when my closest friends, Marie and Lisa, asked me if I wanted to join in on their group, I just had to jump onto the hype train!

I ordered the base wig from Arda, and some extra wefts and buns, and sewed it together and added some floff to be true to the anime.

I used a pattern from …. To get the base pattern of the dress. I also ordered some Chinese silk with a stunning pattern onto it which gave it all more details in my opinion. :3

You can see my making of Shampoo highlight on my Insta story HERE!

The dress was very skin-tight, and I was a little nervous/excited about walking around as her for the first time, but when I saw our group coming together, and how cute I felt, I forgot about being nervous rather quickly.

I think she is one of my favorite ones to cosplay as of now. It’s been a while since I felt this cute, I think the last one was Nana-chan and that was a couple of years back. There is just something about cute looking characters that I really enjoy cosplaying.

Also, you guys gave me so much love on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, which gave me an extra boost to wanting to create more, so thank you all so so much! I am already onto the next one!

Until next time! ^o^