I had the honor of being invited as one of the guests on Hyperion’s Sommerstrømmen regarding “nerds” who have made their dream come true having made their passion their job.

We were 3 guests in total:

Josef Yohannes – Creator of the comic Urban Legend
Stein Willmann – CEO of the e-sports team Nordavind
Myself as a full time cosplayer

We were met by the kind Vincent who invited us all. Hyperion is such a wonderful organization which supports nerd culture here in Norway. We are all nerds on the inside!

It was very fun for me to talk to both Josef and Stein as we had many things in common. Cosplay automatically connects up to both comics and e-sports, so I clicked very well with these two.

Just listening to both Josef and Stein was very interesting. We are all people with big ambitions who just want to do what we love, but also share what we love/create with other people.

One of the questions directed towards me was “How do you start cosplaying?”

I find that it’s so easy to get into cosplay these days. There are tutorials everywhere and social media has just blown up with creativity.
Especially in the Norwegian Cosplay community, we have FB groups where we can discuss things and help each other. I also have some tutorials here on my homepage as well.

Another question was “How has media approached cosplay for you?”

During the interviews I’ve had, I’ve noticed that the local newspapers have done a good job. The one I was featured in – in the national newspaper VG – was also good as I asked to read it over before publishing. I have seen cases where people twist stories and misquote cosplayers, and that’s something I want to avoid. So I usually ask to see a draft.

I’d love to create a video showing how everything started with me and cosplay in the future, everything from back story and more. Just might take some time to gather all the footage, but I really want to do it!