Starfield Launch Party with 00NATION.

The long anticipated game Starfield, from Bethesda, is finally here!

Bethesda Nordic, XboxNorge, and 00NATION hosted an amazing launch party with cool activities and live music in order to celebrate the game launch.

I grew up loving video games, so being able to attend something like this and celebrating the actual game together with fellow gamers was a dream come true!

I was a bit early so I was first in line to enter the venue. Not sure what to expect I was met with a cloud of smoke, which immediately got me excited. I just had to do a happy little Tine dance in the smoke before a photographer asked to take photos of us with a gorgeous Starfield backdrop.

Happy smoke dance~

After that we were given tag necklaces with our names engraved into them. That was so incredibly awesome and such a nice touch! I’m sure I’ll just use this on a daily basis.

The venue was so beautiful, everything was so well put together and I was kind of asking myself “Is this real?.
You could really tell that the team focused on getting all of the details right in order to match the Starfield mood.

There was Starfield Xbox gear and watches on display, live music with Sofiloud, drinks, photo booths, claw games and more.

I got to meet so many awesome and kind people throughout the night! The mood was so magical with all of us gathered to celebrate the launch. There was so much excitement and hype!

You can bet that I’ll most likely cosplay from this game in the future..

Thank you for this experience Bethesda Nordics, Xboxnorge and 00NATION!

This is Tine signing off, and firing up Starfield!

Sweetest Pia, Ailincia and Ellen B. Åkesson