Want to be my Patreon?

All my Patreon proceeds, go straight to cosplay, materials, workshop items, and it gives me the chance to do more! It even goes to keeping up my homepage!

Hello Lovelies! <3

My name is Tine Marie Riis, and I’ve been cosplaying for  8 years now. I live in Norway and have always been a huge fan of video games since I was 3 years old. ^3^

Being able to cosplay my favorite heroes/characters from games and series is truly a dream come true to me. I quit my job in 2014 so I would be able to cosplay full time. However, cosplay is crazy expensive, and it would be nice to be able to work on some bigger projects again as most goes into paying the bills and feeding my cat~

Don’t get me wrong, I truly am thankful for being able to work on this full-time, but because of the rising cost of materials, it now takes longer to be able to make bigger projects that reach over longer periods of time. <3

I try to complete at least one cosplay a month! You can see on my Patreon that I update quite often~

I am a detail freak, and I only create highly detailed costumes. With this I will be able to craft more costumes and fix a higher quality Stream/YouTube which will contain not only gaming, but also Cosplay workshops/progress. *o*

Why I use Patreon

Some of the projects I would love to do right now is: Marie Rose (DoA, COMPLETED), Ranger General Sylvanas (Heroes of the Storm), Asuna (Sword Art Online), Sivir COMPLETED! (League of Legends), Daoko GIRL (In Making), and Zelda (Ocarina of Time), Star Guardian Janna, Persian from Pokemon (COMPLETED), Sailor Pluto ( COMPLETED), Paya from Breath of the Wild ( In making), Valeera Sanguinar from WoW, Star Guardian Miss Fortune and many more! Even you guys get to pick some projects!

I also like writing tutorials, which you most likely will see more of on my Patreon feed. It is always fun to teach people new skills, so I often travel to schools here in Norway to teach them how to craft and work with materials.

Thanks to Cosplay I have become a more social person. Before I discovered cosplay back in 2009 I was a rather shy girl who almost didn’t dare to speak to anyone, but today I am a more outgoing and a happy person. Cosplay helped me realized that I should just be myself and do stuff that makes me happy. Which to me is Cosplay itself~~~~ <3 <3 <3