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I thought I could give you guys a quick insight on how to create your own Wonder Woman Chest plate.
You will need:

2mm Craft Foam
5mm Craft Foam
Worbla/Black Worbla
A pair of good scissors  for the worbla
Wood Glue
Heating gun
Red metal paint / gold paint
Paint brushes
Masking tape and clear plastic wrap


First of all you wrap yourself around in the plastic wrap and masking tape to get the pattern from yourself.  Draw onto the masking tape, and cut the pattern out with a pair of scissors. (you’ll have to choose a point to cut where it doesn’t ruin the pattern)

Step 2: Is transferring your pattern onto the 2mm craft foam. Draw around, and cut out.
For the boob cups I used a double layer of black worbla and heated it up, and shaped it around an acrylic sphere to get the round shape. Cut around rough edges after the worbla has cooled down. Use contact glue to glue the boob cubs onto the 2mm foam under bust (the glue has a strong smell, and the fumes aren’t good to breathe, so use in a well ventilated place!).

Step 3: Is covering your form in mask tape + plastic wrap again, and draw the pattern you would want for the red textures on her chest plate. I used a picture of her as a reference. After you draw onto the tape, cut it out, and transfer it to the 5mm craft foam.
TIP: Numerate the different pieces, so you’re sure you’re putting the right piece in the right spot!

Step 4: Is gluing your 5mm texture pieces onto the chestplate you already got with contact glue. Please give it good time to dry
After it dried, I went over the edges with a soldering iron (but a heat pen will work just as well!) to make the textures pop even more.

Step 5:  Is making the golden details out of worbla. Use her picture as a reference and draw out your own pattern once again.  I only used 2mm craft foam as a base for the bird underneath and then added more details on top in worbla. It was then warmed up and glued onto the top of the chestplate.

Step 6: Cover your worbla piece on top in mask tape, grab your plasti-dip, shake it well and spray all of the foam with the dip until it there is a nice layer covering everything. I applied at least 3-4 layers of this after it dried each time.

Step 7:  Prime your worbla piece with some wood glue. I applied about 6-7 layers.

Step 8: PAAAAINT time! Paint and shade the way you want!

For the back I decided to go with a corset-style fastening system.  Good luck on your project! There is also wonderful youtube videos out there now which is explaining it more to detail for those who need that! <3

WonderNyPhoto by Ookami Cosplay Photography

Wonder Woman Cute