Woooo! Long time no see! I have so many blog-posts to write for you guys! So you are all in for a treat. I decided to start with GIGACON as this convention has a special place in my heart. This year was beyond amazing and I have so many great memories from 2016!
The days before GIGACON were quite busy. I really wanted to finish Sivir for their big cosplay day this year; last year I made Arcade Miss Fortune. I think I will actually air a new cosplay there every year from now on!
The day started with an interview about GIGACON on the TV-show Good Morning Norway, where I got to talk about cosplay as well. I decided to bring my Valkyrie Leona as it’s quite fast to get on and easy to transport…Without the shield that is. :’D  After that I went back to the hotel to sleep for about an hour before I went to the convention~
This year they invited Kairi in Cosplayland (Poland), Sophie Karine Riis (Norway) and Pugoffka (Ukraine); truly a dreamteam! The cosplay contest had a super nice prizepool as well. A total of 16.000 NOK.
There were also plenty of cosplay workshops for those who were interested in that, and signings. This year they had a dedicated changing area with a big mirror, a glue gun, threads, needles, heating gun, paint, brushes, hairspray, and pretty much everything you’d need for a convention or an emergency repair. (Especially if you are a cosplayer).
The competition was tough. There were so many amazing cosplayers! We were discussing for at least an hour about which ones we wanted as our top 3, and honorable mention + best prop.
The winners were:
1st place – Ingrid Windsland as Kili from The Hobbit
2nd Place – Anne Torstensen as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn
3rd Place – Silje Danielsen as Legolas from Lord of the Rings
Best Prop – Vegard Borge as Championship Riven (Male Version)
Honorable Mention – Anna Dubinina as Anna from Frozen

I managed to get a few hours in the LAN Zone as well. The mood was top notch! People were having a wonderful time and the internet speed was insane. Next year I would love to spend a full day at the LAN Zone to hang out and socialize with people. At nightime, GIGACON had artists such as Stonebank and Da Tweekaz playing on the main stage.  I’m still sore from jumping up and down. :’D Mood was on point and the music was amazing!

I can’t wait to see what GIGACON has in store for 2017.  The hype is already there and got so many new friends that I will keep in touch with~ :3

nana_chan_cosplay_from_me_me_me__by_tinemarieriis-dakyikbPhoto by Pugoffka
14697237_1162588507140856_1888230999_oPhoto by Pugoffka