Finally got myself together and organized and I am finally going to write about my time at Teknisk Museum ( Technical Museum) where I got to held some workshops this year! They have all kinds of different cool stuff in this museum! Anything you can imagine and beyond! They even had a Gaming Exhibit this year, which was SO perfect. I went there every time I was invited, to try out some of the old games that I fell in love with at the age 3. :’D

Okay, back to the subject! I was lucky enough to be invited 3 times to this wonderful place to hold my workshops! People could drop in during the 4 hours I was there to get a basic course on how to make armor pieces. Specifically bracers, as that is the easiest you can do. There were SO many children taking an interest in cosplay, and that truly warmed my heart. But not only kids, parents and grandparents enjoyed it as well. They said this would be great to do as a family activity, and that is so true. I often make cosplay with my sisters, and we always have the best time!

They went through three stages.

A presentation on cosplay origins, materials and safety.
Making patterns to fit their bodies.
Handling and using Worbla.

I also instructed them on how to paint their pieces at home, as painting wasn’t a part of the course – since it would take up too much time – however, some kids started to draw on their pieces, which was so adorable.  There is so much to explore at this venue, so I truly appriciated that people took the time to come and see my workshops during the exhibit. Every time we ran out of materials during the last day, which means a lot of people participated!
The people showing up also asked to try out my cosplay pieces, and of course I was fine with that as long as they were careful~ Attached a picture below.

Thank you once again for having me, Teknisk Museum! Hope to hear from you in the future!