I have been following the hashtag #cosplaycosmodrome and the journey of several cosplayers making Savathûn from Destiny and I am completely blown away!

Savathûn was born Sathona, on the planet Fundament. She was one of a short-lived species whose home world had crashed into Fundament millions of years earlier, with the shards of the planet forming Fundament’s continents.

I remember sitting here thinking of how I would make this cosplay myself, and there were so many parts of the cosplay I was unsure of how I would create.

Then seeing these cosplayers showing off their progress and methods, it just embodies one of the many reasons why I love the community of cosplay!

We just wanna spread creativity and hopefully give others tips for their own projects! 🙂

They all truly made Savathûn come to life!

Be sure to click the link and check out their awesome work and the epic world of Destiny!

~This is a collaboration with Bungie ~