So last week I got a phone call from the local newspaper of the county I grew up in (Telemark), asking me for an interview on what it’s like working as a full time cosplayer – the workshops, the community and more!

The newspaper’s called TA – Telemarksavisa (The Telemark Newspaper) – and is the newspaper I’ve read every morning since my early teens. It was kind of surreal? I always think like “You want this lil’ derp?” but I’m also very thankful that I’ve managed to get where I am today, with both the ups and the downs.

We spoke for about 40 minutes on the phone, the journalist seemed very fascinated by the whole cosplay scene. She also mentioned after our chat that this seems like a very healthy community to be a part of and that it seems everyone is welcomed.

I spoke about how I’ve always loved dressing up. I danced ballet for 12 years and was SO excited for the final shows we did once a year, cause we got to dress up and just have fun!
So as I got more into the anime world in my early teens I also came across cosplay, and thought that it was amazing, but it was hard to find any info about it at the time.

But here we are! Thanks to a friend of mine who took me to Anime Expo in 09, I was so inspired to dig more into this amazing world, and got to where we are today!

Doing this as a full time job too can be tough, but in the end when you finally get some results after long, hard work, you can’t help but smile. I also figured out that I love to teach and hold workshops. I hope it will inspire more people to pursue their dreams and to never give up on them. The road to those goals will be hard at times, but all the more rewarding when you achieve what you want.

Do what you love, love what you do