It is time to talk about my trip to ESL One in Frankfurt!


Kairi in Cosplayland and I were lucky enough to be able to work with Razer at this event. Again, I feel really honored to be able to work with such amazing and kind people!  Kairi and I were making 2 completely new cosplays for this specific event. I decided on Crystal Maiden, and Kairi decided on making the Windrunner! Our only problem was time management, as I had worked pretty hard on my Valkyrie Leona only a few days before! Two days after Dreamhack I left for Frankfurt, so the days were pretty much sleep-less. :’D But it was SOOOO worth it. I was lucky enough to get some help from my little sister, Sophie. So thank god for that!


I’m actually quite pleased with how Crystal Maiden turned out on such a short notice! I do have plans to redo some of her parts pretty soon, as she was a very comfortable cosplay to wear. This was also my first time working with Transpa Worbla, and it worked out pretty good! The huge crystal on Rylai’s staff was made out of Transpa Worbla. (A new tutorial about my experience with Transpa Worbla will be out soon.)
Either way, everything worked out just fine! I finished in my hotel the day before, and everything fit just fine!  I used EVA foam as a base for the shoulders with fabric covering most of it, and that was actually quite handy as the EVA is more comfortable than using Worbla as a base, the rest was pretty much sewing. The staff was made from a broom-stick with worbla and EVA details. All of the gems you see in the cosplay is yet again Transpa Worbla! I think I might actually start using this instead of resin. Just got to test out how it will look with LED lights .  All in all everything went out good! I was only missing the details of the dress, but that’s going to be fixed pretty soon. I also plan to redo the golden details of the staff, and redo the purple details on the dress. My sister gave me some pointers on that! :’D


The event was so lovely! We got to hang out at the Razer booth all day and talk with all of the amazing Dota2 fans! They kept laughing of my first Dota2 experience…let’s just say it was “interesting”. ;p
I truly loved being at the Razer booth with all of their amazing staff.  They were very caring and they are so dedicated to what they do.  They even set up a little podium where people could take pictures with us! During our breaks we got to explore the event a little more, which was very exciting for Kairi and me. There were SO many awesome Dota2 cosplayers there, I was just blown away! It was great being able to talk to a few of them during our breaks. Some even took their time to come and talk with us at the Razer booth.

Being able to meet such amazing people and learning more about Dota2, I truly want to get more into the Dota2 community. (And play the game more of course!)

I truly can’t thank both Razer and M Play enough for this oppourtunity. This was a event that I always will look back to with a big smile on my face! I truly wish that we can work more together in the future. <3

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10561724_667478860025001_3523631528391796943_nThe amazing crew!

Miss you guys SO much! <3