Time to talk about my Wonder Woman experience + the day at the pre-premiere!

I remember the day they announced the Wonder Woman Movie. I have been waiting for this for so long, and it’s finally here. I’ve already seen the movie twice, and I’m already eager to see it again!
3 weeks before the pre-premiere I was asked by SF Studios Norge to make the costume for the screening. I was overly excited, but also nervous knowing how little time I had. I’m always trying to pay attention to detail, and use as much time as I need on something to make it look good. I would call myself a perfectionist, cause I tend to do details over and over until I get it the way I want it to be.
It was a rough 3 weeks, also quite a few sleepless nights. But that is normal for being a cosplayer – if you’re a cosplayer reading this you most likely know what I mean, right?

Full God Killer, Materials and Chestplate tutorial will be up for my Patrons! : https://www.patreon.com/tinemarieriis

After 3 weeks of intense work I was finally able to test-run and fit the entire cosplay on the day before the event. I went outside to take a few photos and everything seemed to work out fine! I have some minor fixes for next time, but for the amount of time I had, I must say I’m quite happy with how it turned out.
After a stress test outside in the rain, I went back inside to work on minor details for the pre-premiere the next day. Right as I woke up I noticed that I needed to dremel some parts, so it was quite stressful before we had to leave. I got the wig and tiara on before we left, so I didn’t have to worry about the hair at all when I arrived at the event.
You can see my full VLOG here:

When I finally arrived at the event and got all of the cosplay on, I was SO happy. The cosplay fit, everything was going according to plan, and I was super excited to see the movie and meet fellow Wonder Woman fans.
Renato Mahmutagic was kind enough to take some photos during the event, so kudos to him for being a champ!

Full Pre-Premiere album is also up for my Patrons (Link is above the progress picture)

The organizers were very professional and I had such a blast with everyone. Eating cake, talking about Wonder Woman, and meeting new and old friends. I’ll for sure look back at this day and smile. All of my hard work and effort was worth it in the end and everyone was so kind with their feedback on my cosplay.

WW (63 of 116)
From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.
You guys have been nothing but supportive and positive. It truly keeps me going! <3