When I was first approached by Goosebumpsgg together with Palmesus there were many thoughts going through my head.
Am I worthy? Will I do it justice? What is it like to be a host?

I ran into the whole thing not really knowing what I was in for. I’ve hosted once before, at The Gathering during their Cosplay Competition, but nothing like this.

I’ve gotta say, I have lots more respect for hosts after being a host myself during the Fifa tournament at Palmesus.
I’ve also gotta give a big thanks to the production crew for being this patient with me, and to Karianne as well, you know who you are! Thank you for teaching me cues and how it all works in such a short amount of time!

Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous as I’m a person who likes to deliver quality and do my best at every job I get!

But when you have 3 cameras pointed at you, you see the time being counted down, your heart beats faster, then action! You’re live. “You gotta remember all of the important info here Tine, if not everyone will see you fail live!” is the phrase that went through my mind minutes before going live.
(Gonna speak more about how this turned from scary to fun below)

I had some lines I needed to learn from a script, so we needed to rehearse some before going live. I did this with my wonderful CO-host Anders. He’s been in the hosting industry for much longer, and he helped me disconnect from the anxiety by being the goof he is. I can relate, as I love being goofy and derpy, so we were definitely a good host match!

Photo by Aasmund Nikolaisen

The hours passed, and I calmed down as I got to see how the system worked. I got to interview a lot of good Fifa players, Influencers and streamers, and had interesting talks with all of them!
I even got to talk about cosplay for about 15 minutes, live on air – how fun is that?

The last hours of the first day actually turned more fun, and I got to sit back and breathe out, knowing what I was supposed to do, and how to do it. So the day ended with a smile, and with the knowledge that I would do an even better job tomorrow!

The next day….

The day started early, at around 7 AM, with a few hours of sleep. I ended up sleeping on the bus to the venue to get some extra minutes of sleep.
Being met by the wonderful Goosebumpsgg crew and their production crew, who came smiling towards me. I knew they had been working hard hours throughout the night, as e-Sports events can be quite brutal for many. I have taken part in organizing things like these in the past too, so I knew they had a minimal amount of sleep and tons of energy drinks/ Coffee. Can any organizers relate out there? 😀

Photo by Aasmund Nikolaisen

After a quick hour of practicing my lines for the intro, it was time to go live again.
Something was different this day compared to the day before, I was actually really enjoying myself, listening to what the players had to say, bantering easily with my CO-host Anders – I just kept getting more comfy in my area.
I got feedback from the staff saying I was doing so much better compared to the first day. This instantly gave me a confidence boost. I wanted to show these people what I learned in the first day, and put it to good use!
It was very exciting to see who would win the contest as it got pretty tight at times.

Congrats to Andreas Bakken for winning the Fifa Tournament! And congrats to the rest of the winners! You all did epic!

Goosebumpsgg and Palmesus, thank you so much for having me! Let’s hope for a lit 2020!

Is hosting something I would continue doing in the future?

Absolutely! I actually enjoyed it a lot, and now I know how it works! I really enjoyed myself the last day! 10/10 Would do it again!

Palmesus Afterparty