Wow, just wow, is all I’ve got to say. This convention was SO much fun! I met new people, the con had lots of content, an awesome cosplay show, and an awesome crew. I even got to see parts of Bucharest in my spare-time, which was very interesting. I love sightseeing, especially when everything is so different from Norway :’D
Believe it or not, but this was actually my first Comic Con, and I loved it. I got to judge alongside Shappi’s Workshop –  a very talented cosplayer – we’ve even both made Dryad Soraka! xD

In the evenings, we usually went to a place called Oktoberfest,  (I bet everyone who was at the convention knows where that is xD), a very cozy place with lots of yummies~
I had three cosplays lined up: Fluttershy, Alexstrasza and Caitlyn. Everything went well except that it was so hot on Saturday, and my Alexstrasza wig gets heavy over time, so I tried to endure my best so we could take pictures together during the event. ;o;  I’m so sorry if you did not manage to get a picture on Saturday,  it was so hot that my worbla chestplate cracked on the side…I will be able to fix it at home though!
For those who wanted posters, I will put them on sale for a few days so the ones who wanted them can get them at a cheaper price. <3

And the cosplay show, wow,  so many great performances, and all the contestants performed them with a smile! I got to talk to a few of you, and you were all so kind and awesome. I miss you all SO much~ Again, congratulations to all the winners, I know you will all impress everyone at the WCM! (World Cosplay Masters)

I also got to have a shoot with an awesome cosplay photographer named Pugoffka, and I just found out when I got home how talented she is! Can’t wait to see the results of our little photoshoot! ~ Heck, I even got drawings during the convention, so surreal! x_x
Also had the opportunity to chat with Osric Chau in the late Sunday~ He is such a sweetheart, and he is a cosplayer! So much win in one person. We just sat there with Shappi, Chris and the rest of the Polish people and talked about how much we love Cosplay and that everyone should experience it.

Oh, and during Saturday, there were 2 little kids that came up to me and wanted a picture, both of them holding my “clawy” hands. :’D They were not afraid at all! Usually kids are afraid of Alexstrasza, haha. The little girl even high-fived me afterwards. SO KYOT!

Again, a big thanks to East European Comic con, Shinju’s Workshop, Gabi, Shappi’s Workshop, Liga, NonoKen (Lol), Yuriko, Puggofka, Sultan, Johan, Madalina, The Polish dudes, and YOU, for being awesome. (This list could go on forever xD)

11223561_847636631973247_2858448289715774819_oPhoto by Overheat.RO

Ken saying such kind things. <3 My face “Oh stahp it!”

Such lovelies!

Fluttershy joined the Brotherhood!

New mortal Alexstrasza lenses.

A <3 for you all!

Photo by “??”


11078152_10153582208620283_3599981776591994522_oPhoto by “??”
11232543_900337116674297_1646362063_nDerp by Shappi’s Workshop. XD

11155166_821935217883679_2056161864158341515_oPhoto by Lewandowsky Photography



I got a award from Shappi! “Pickle Vodka Pidgeon Queen” :’D This will be up on my wall!

11251578_10153265715630149_1719769783_nHnng, so pretty! This was made by HProps.