It is time to talk about my experience from GIGACON 2015!

I was an invited guest this year along with Kairi in Cosplayland and Tanzoir, two super sweet girls whom I love very much! <3
For GIGACON, I wanted to finish my Arcade Miss Fortune in time for the Cosplay Contest, so there were many sleep-less nights in order to get her ready for the judging, which took place on Saturday, but I freaking did it! A huge thanks to Chris for helping me cut and sand, without him this Arcade MF would never have happened in time! :O
Kairi in Cosplayland also managed to complete her Arcade Riven! So we got to take some super awesome Arcade pictures if you scroll down below~

I would write about each day, but it was mostly me working on Arcade Miss Fortune, so there is not a lot to say around that, aside from that I was working really hard on getting her ready, but of course I will write about all the other stuff I did, so here you all go:

This year I decided to sit out with the LAN participants, I think it’s more social and tons of fun to chat with ya’ll~ I was mostly playing Hearthstone as that’s the thing I’m most addicted to at the moment~ Was so funny cause there were many Pro Hearthstone gamers around, and I was like the noob-ish newbie sitting there derping around with it. :’D
I really enjoy LANs, it’s social, fun and you meet new friends. I hope next year I will have my cosplay ready a few days before the event so I can LAN more. xD
My youngest sister at the age 12 visited as well, and she also got to experience LAN’ing a little, at my spot, which was super cozy. She bought all the Zelda merchandise at the booths around at the EXPO area, she’s following her sisters’ footsteps! *tear*

Next year I would love to set up a stream and have some give-aways. I have just managed to set my stream up here at home and I will stream about 4-5 times a week. You can follow my stream here: Hitbox Tine Marie

All in all I had a wonderful time with everyone! I made tons of new friends, met many super awesome cosplayers, watched the super tournaments, and Rootkit & Sickick were AMAZING! <3 (Never danced so much in my life! :’D )
Next year I will have a cosplay ready in advance so I can enjoy the event to the FULLEST!

A huge thanks to GIGACON who decided to invite me again this year, always a pleasure!

Photo’s by Katrix Media Site
Arcade Riven by Kairi in Cosplayland
Silica/Nurse Joy by Tanzoir Cosplay
Video down below: Katrix Media Site


ArcadeMFPhoto by Katrix Media Site
12087792_706679382771615_4049570576028264580_oPhoto by Katrix Media Site

IMG_9561(1)Photo by Katrix Media Site
IMG_9809Photo by Katrix Media Site

12039158_706360139470206_1250963633423774967_oPhoto by Katrix Media Site
tine2bcPhoto by Katrix Media Site

11115875_868068513300899_237247447269345027_oPhoto by  Kunero Photo

I fell asleep on the floor while we were eating pizza….this was my Co-judges reaction! Hahaha, so much win! <3 Miss them so much!