Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog, and now it’s finally time to start blogging again~

A lot of stuff has happened in the past months, one of said stuff happening at Buskerud Folk High! I was invited back again this year to teach the students about armor and casting ( LED’s), which is always a pleasure. I really enjoy teaching people new things, it makes me so happy~
Like last year, we decided to start with something basic, such as a bracer. So they all got to decide on what they wanted to make. After a 20 min power-point presentation, we started to work!

We went through these phases:

1. Making your own pattern
2. Worbla Base
3. Mold for making gems
4. LED and wires
5. Details for the bracers ( Worbla and Polymorph)
6. Priming / + Tips during the priming process
7. Painting

All of the phases went pretty darn well! They all managed to finish in time, and we all got to take some really cool photos. Had a little trouble with the Transpa Worbla, but you just have to work with it over time. My Crystal Maiden staff gem sure took some time to get completely into the right shape as well~  But they all managed it with a smile on their face. We seriously had so much fun together!

I have been able to meet so many awesome people through cosplaying, it makes me so happy and emotional at times. Before cosplaying I didn’t really have many friends, but now I have a whole family. This class, Creative Gaming,  being one of them already!
I will return to them in February with my prop workshop which will be so much fun! So curious about what they plan on making.

I truly love teaching, it is so much fun and you get more connected during the process. These people are so talented though! I don’t even! I will come out with a longer blog-post from this class in February after their last workshop is complete! <3