Did the Kingdom of Hyrule and the Kingdom of Norway have an important meeting together recently? One could say we share the passion for elves, fairy tales and magical forests!

I’ve had this idea for a while to visit the Norwegian Royal Castle as Princess Zelda. We’re allowed to walk all the way up to the castle and take photos, and even ask the Royal Guards if they are fine with being taken a photo of / being filmed. Although many people just take photos or videos without asking, but my friend and I asked on beforehand!

Norway has also been pretty good at handling the pandemic and we are opening up, yet we were quite careful if you were wondering 🙂

Many people asked where I/the character was from, but most people actually recognized my cosplay, which made me very happy! Even children knew I was Princess Zelda and asked if I was the real one, cuties! (I always wished I could become Princess Zelda ever since I was a kid, so hearing that made me emotional)

Even did some sneaking behind the royal guards!